Veterans of Steel
Posted 2018-Jan-30

Through the program Veterans of Steel, the United Steelworkers recognize members and retirees who have served or who are serving our country.

  The program honours their service and commends veterans for their courage and commitment to defending the freedoms of every Canadian.

The program Veterans of Steel aims at creating a larger voice on issues that are important to those who served.  It also intends to develop resources, networking opportunities, support, and be a voice to protect and create family-supporting jobs after service.  It establishes a place in our union where veterans can continue the camaraderie and solidarity found in the military.

The intent is to have this be a program designed and directed by all members.  As the program is developed and is still in its infancy, members will be solicited for their ideas about how we can best help them and other veterans, so the needed resources can be provided to make Veterans of Steel a success in every unit.

The TWU, USW National Local 1944 encourages all veterans to sign up for the Veterans of Steel program.  You can do so by filling the online form at or texting VET to 32323.

In Solidarity

The Telecommunications Workers Union, United Steelworkers National Local 1944.