USW Local 1944 member honoured with a 2018 USW regional Jefferson Award
Posted 2018-Aug-8

USW Local 1944 wishes to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Julie Charbonneau, from Unit 51, for being recognized with an esteemed Jefferson Award.

  In June, Sister Charbonneau was selected as a Jefferson Award Recipient for District 3, for her decades of service as a shop steward and getting others involved through community service.
Julie Charbonneau lives in Surrey, BC.  An active Women of Steel Committee member, she volunteers two days per week at the Lookout Society, in the Greater Vancouver area, where she helps the less fortunate.  She has organized several events to help the homeless and persons suffering from addiction and mental illness.
"I am very grateful to be a Jefferson Award winner," said Julie Charbonneau.  "This award has been awarded through team work.  Alone, we can do so little but when we work together, we can do so much!  For me, this is what this award is truly about."
With the help of the Women of Steel, Sister Charbonneau initiated the "Spread the Hope" campaign in 2017 to distribute much needed amenities to Great Vancouver's homeless.  Following the day of action that was organized last December, Julie and her fellow Sister Elana Felty (Unit 51) are organizing another day of action this summer.  On August 18th, 2018, they will be distributing items and food in a housing centre in New Westminster, BC.  For more information about this day of action, please visit
"The "Spread the Hope" campaign is about spreading the word that it is possible for everyone to build a better life," stated Sister Charbonneau.  "It is about sharing our experiences and our well-being: 'If I could do it, you can do it too'.  It is important to give back."
Julie Charbonneau will be given the much-deserved USW regional Jefferson Award in person in December 2018, during the Jefferson Awards ceremony in Pittsburgh.
Created in 1972, the Jefferson Awards Foundation builds a culture of service and inspires action by rewarding ordinary people who do extraordinary things in their communities without expectation of recognition.  The Jefferson Awards Foundation is one of the most prestigious nonprofit organizations dedicated to promoting and honouring service.  For more information, please visit
In Solidarity,
USW Local 1944