Political Action

Message from the Political Action Committee

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

The Political Action Committee wants to encourage more local political action and more communication regarding political issues within the TWU. The President has recently expanded the Committee by appointing two new members. We are committed to establishing more effective two-way communications between our Committee, the Locals and the members.

Our goal is to activate TWU members in community, municipal, provincial, federal and international issues based-campaigns. To achieve these goals, we need to have a political action coordinator in each Local.

The political action coordinator will act as a leader in the Local's political activity as well as a contact for the Political Action Committee. We hope that they will communicate Local concerns and issues to the Committee and help in organizing actions.

Please have your Political Action Coordinator complete the information form and return it to the Committee as soon as possible. Your coordinator may also use the questionnaire to create a list of Local members interested in being involved in political action.

In solidarity,

Committee Members

Richard Blais - AB
Steve Durrell - AB
Robert Briza - QC - (Chairperson)
Alexander Livingston - QC
Brian Fowlow - ON
Nancy McCurrach - BC
Vacant - BC
Joe Benn, Local Union Rep
Chris Stephens, Local Union Rep
John Hockley, Local Union Rep

Committee Info
TWU Political Action Questionnaire
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Canadian Labour Congress
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