Course Descriptions

TWU Education Course Descriptions

TWU Advanced Grievance Handling

(Advanced Shop Steward)

This advanced training course covers grievance handling from the 2nd stage through to Industrial Relations meetings. Arbitration process will be explained and a core component of the course will focus on grievance research and preparation. Please do not sign up for this course unless you have taken the TWU Basic Shop Steward's course. A good working knowledge of basic grievance handling skills will be assumed.

TWU Basic Shop Steward

This two-day course focuses on the steward's role as educator and advocate of the membership and has recently been updated to more fully concentrate on the grievance procedure. The basic core of the course examines the grievance process in its entirety and takes approximately two full days to cover. A comprehensive list of subjects is included in the new manual (everything from duty to represent, conflict resolution skills to accommodation issues, etc. are addressed) and with the new flexible delivery teaching modules, students are able to pick and choose, within the time limitations, the issues they would like to focus on. The information binder has been designed for participants to take home and utilize as a reference manual to assist them with a variety of workplace issues.

TWU Parliamentary Procedure

The key to increased attendance and greater membership participation is running effective Local meetings. This one-day course will familiarize you with the duties of the Chair, Rules of Order, as well as how to write and submit resolutions. Participants will learn helpful hints for public speaking and methods by which your Local can assist its members in articulating their issues in a positive manner.

**Please note that information regarding other courses sponsored by the TWU, such as the CLC or AFL Winter Programs and the Local Labour Council Weekend Seminars, are sent out to Local Secretary-Treasurers. Please contact your Local's Secretary-Treasurer for more information on how to apply for these opportunities.