Asian Heritage Month
Posted 2018-May-1

In May, we celebrate Asian Heritage Month in Canada, a time to honour and connect our diverse communities, and learn from each other.

Asian immigration in Canada started more than 150 years ago, when Chinese workers arrived on the west coast to help with the construction of the railways that contributed in the building of Canada as a nation.  They worked under terrible conditions for ridiculously low pay.  People of Asian descent were subjected to discrimination and had to fight for human rights and social justice in Canada.  May is a month to reflect on these diverse struggles.
For our Local, Asian Heritage Month is an opportunity to renew our commitment to protect workers from such injustices, to achieve fairness and inclusivity for all, and to fight against discrimination within our workplaces.
Asian Canadians have continuously enriched Canada's cultural diversity.  Asian Heritage Month provides an opportunity to reflect on how diversity strengthens our country socially, politically and economically.  In May and throughout the year, USW Local 1944 celebrates the diversity of our members.
The 2018 Asian Heritage Month events are listed below by province.
Alberta: and
British Columbia: and
Ontario: and
In Solidarity,
USW Local 1944