Administration Update – October
Posted 2018-Oct-2

We appreciate the patience from USW Local 1944 members as we worked through Administration over the past few months.

We have spent a great deal of time investigating issues, responding to inquiries and performing day-to-day activities that keep this Local strong and moving ahead.
Our priority is the members, and we made a promise at the beginning of the Administration to keep delivering quality service levels for all members from coast to coast.
Over the summer, we held various meetings with the Local Election Tellers to review the election protests. We have completed our investigation into all but one (1) of the one hundred and seven (107) protests that were filed, and we have begun to write our Report. This last outstanding protest is quite complex and has required further investigation.
In September, USW International President Leo W. Gerard appointed an International Commission to conduct an investigation into two sets of charges. The hearings are now set to commence on October 10-12, 2018. The "accused" and the "accusers" have been notified of the meetings.
We are very proud of the work our members are doing across the country. Your dedication to this Local and our Union is what makes our union strong.
It is great to see so many members engaged across the country. Your Trustees continued their great work making sure the Local was on financial track. Over the summer, our Unit 60 members in Vancouver and Surrey, British Columbia, had a tough round of bargaining with Shaw. However, we all came together to show Shaw what solidarity looks like and a new agreement was reached for these certifications. Our members also participated in the District 3 Summer School in June, and in the District 6 Conference in Blue Mountain, Ontario, in September, while a number of other members participated in Level 1 and 2 of the Leadership Development Scholarship program at Linden Hall in Pittsburgh.
This week, our members are in Victoria to lobby the Provincial Government with representatives from District 3. We also have seven members at Linden Hall who will become Local 1944's first graduates from the Leadership Development Scholarship program. Congratulations to those members on your accomplishment.
On October 14th, nearly twenty members will be representing our Local at the 2018 USW International and National Women's Conference in Toronto. At the end of the month, more members will have the opportunity to participate at the District 6 Fall School in Orillia, Ontario, and at the District 3 Conference in Kamloops, British Columbia. In addition, this November, members will participate in the District 5 Conference in Charlevoix, Québec.
We heard from many members that you wanted more opportunities to participate in USW events and education trainings. We have been working hard with the Districts to offer Shop Steward Level 1 trainings across Canada. Starting this November, over 150 members will participate in Shop Steward training. Work will be underway to provide Shop Steward Level 2, and Health & Safety Co-Chair training in 2019.
While we are still working through the various protests and charges, behind the scenes, the staff is doing a great job to provide opportunities and support for our members.
We cannot accomplish all that we need to do without working together.
Once again, thank you for your patience.
In Solidarity,
Ron Wyatt
USW Local 1944 Administrator